About Shafiqul

I am Shafiqul Islam from Khulna, Bangladesh. A small business man who dealing with computer ,travel & tourism and internet basics  business  here for 20 years. Seeking a job as a HR specialist or an accountant at reputable company in any where in country or abroad where my background, experience and skills can be well utilized. Even to do interesting and practical work, probably in a small to medium sized company. To work with talented, accomplished people. To learn, deepening my knowledge of computers and the Internet, along with more mundane skills. Ideally my job would challenge me, utilizing my spoken, written, and creative skills while giving me experience with the range of issues faced by the business. A quick learner, I am not afraid to have to prove my worth or ability. When I do, I appreciate it when new opportunites open up for me. I don’t consider any kind of work either beneath or above me. I am open to travelling, if necessary. I have an interest in real estate, as well as urban development, renovaton and reconstruction which I intend to pursue eventually, either with my primary employer, or on the side.

Shafiqul Islam