Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hay ,
I’m just back. When I started to write blog , it was only for fun .But in these recent days when I was absent writing I have found that there is nothing new to write in blog. But it was my wish to start a new matter which has not written before. Thus I was absent and searching for new thing for express. There are thousands of blogs which have everything we need.
Than what shall I write . Searching & searching ………….. Then I made up my mind that I will write everyday what knowledge I gather in my way of every day life .Is not it sound different…….. I will write which is special, different, pathetic, and funny in my eyes. And I will write everyday .This is my promise to my self …… just for I love writing in blog. This is the place where I can share my thoughts and feelings to all and through I can find mental satisfaction, peace in heart. All my viewers please write to me about your expectation and suggest me about your opinion, make a comme
I wish all the audience love me and my blog ……..
Taste of good
I want to end with my favorite poem

                        Once see a dream
                         You were looking from a far
                         Scarching to hold
                         Every chance every stair.

                        Then come a day
                         When you sails so far way
                         Where are you going
                         Did you know could you say

                         Now looking back
                         On the life you dreams have made
                         What is it worth
                         And the tears you have paid
                        So at the end
                        Will happy with this land
                       Will you remember
                        Your beginnings now and then .

If you love this please left a comment .I need you all for share my thoughts.
Good bye for today ….
I will write tomorrow …….

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