Monday, April 07, 2014

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Shafiqul Islam 

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Confession by heart

At the way to my home
A little hut beside
And a little girl in front
Dressed with torn clothes
Playing with her cat.
Every day I just stop
To see the sweet face
And pattern of her play.
I don’t know why but
I can’t go without stop
Without fill my eyes
With the sight of her
She seems like angel.
But I never talk
Never ask her name.
Just feel her innocence
When I pass through.
Then one day
She was not there
All yard was dry
No sign of her
Nor the cat.
My eyes were searching
Couldn’t realize anything
But I couldn’t go to find her
Don’t know why but
Couldn’t feel my duty.
Then and then and then
One week have been passed
And I feel to search
With sudden socked
I came to know
With sufferings for three days
She died for the luck of treat.
Go into the hut with trembling heart
No one was there except a woman
Her breathing eyes was on me
The torn little dress was in her hand.
Suddenly she talked
“Could you serve me?
I need medicine for my angel.”
I was socked
There was none in the hut.
I came out and looked around
The place was empty
Where she used to play
Her cat was no where.
Two drops fall from my eyes
Why couldn’t I feel my duty?
Perhaps I could save her.
Just one step I had to take
But why couldn’t I do???
Till then still now
I can’t forget
Can’t forget my selfishness.
Why sometimes we can’t do
What we have to do?
At the way to my home
My eyes search and search …
But couldn’t find the sight
If I could see her just for one
Wanted to whisper…
Forgive me my angel
I do nothing for you
I couldn’t realize…
I beg your pardon
Oh my little angel ….
Just give me one chance to say
Just one chance…
© Shohana Islam
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Source: Confession By Heart - Family Poems
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